Contact the band: TheParsnipRevolt@gmail.com

The Parsnip Revolt
Geremiah Giampa (vocals / guitar / keyboards)
Tom Mellon (drums / vocals)
Brian Fin (bass / vocals)
Mike Rusch (guitar / vocals)
Joe Ryan (guitar / keyboards / vocals)

The Parsnip Revolt is a Philadelphia based-band rooted in melodic alternative rock. Since 2006, they've revolted against the mundane sounds of modern music to craft their own sound filled with emotion and melodic purity. 

In that time, the band has played a plethora of shows along the East Coast opening for such acts as Gin Blossoms and Fooling April among others.

The new and exciting album, A Sunshine Report, represents the band’s continued commitment to their craft, their sound, and most importantly, their fans.


“This is a very unique and thought out record, blending layers of color with dynamic precision and presentation. By the second listen, I was convinced that, even if I do think their name is a bit of an inside mystery, this is a band that needs to be heard.”

-John Pfeiffer/The Aquarian Weekly Nov. 2012

“A Sunshine Report is a very solid album with a good, consistent sound. The Parsnip Revolt definitely has their own sound and can create diverse songs while maintaining their own identity.”

-Harrison Brink/Tri State Indie Nov.2012 2012

"Earnest, wistful and undeniably radio-friendly, the Parsnip Revolt offer soulful feel-good rock melodies with widespread appeal."  (Philly Style Magazine)

"It may be a silly name, but these guys have some serious sound."   (Ehrin O'Hearn, 6 ABC)

"The Parsnip Revolt is a local band which plays melodic rock well."     (PhillyEdge.com)

"Rooted in acoustics and rock, there's a lilting and comforting Travis meets Damien Rice vibe to the band's music."  (Bruce Warren, Program Director of WXPN)

The song "Follow Me" featured on Neil Young’s "Living With War Today" song site.

Nominated for ‘Best New Band" by Origivation Magazine

The Parsnip Revolt proudly endorses Bucks County Drum Co.